It’s the most magical time of the year once again, the run up to the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas.

So far we can confirm we’ve got a team of 35 lucky lucky players heading out there. Some are playing the Main Event, some the Side Event and a couple well they obviously love poker so much are playing BOTH!

Our Main Event Winners So Far!

  • TlMEX
  • RedFireAnt
  • caipimann
  • hosepipes
  • ylitalo23
  • manos33399
  • Robinfish
  • freshflynt
  • dennadanne
  • vzsolt
  • Piigeon
  • swsende
  • xthewall
  • Kirby87
  • bigbingo
  • FunkyEizy
  • botServer555
  • dtownpro
  • guenni49
  • Jeff710
  • Jantausend
  • TFCR1972
  • Uninc157
  • MexicanBeech
  • Tiltydog


Our Side Event Winners So Far!

  • AKupaA
  • nigdawg
  • TFCR1972
  • toniemimmo
  • dragon___fly
  • ylitalo23
  • muchaz11
  • slobib1
  • zavor4ik
  • Jakelamotta9


Ok I Want In Too!

What you’d like to head to Vegas as well? Well lucky for you there’s still time. On PartyPoker we’ve got a ton of routes so you can make that once in a life time trip, make sure you check out the full qualification routes to the WSOP and Las Vegas today! And just so you know here’s what your playing for:

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